Refresh Your Home Decor for Summer

When the warm breezes and bright sunshine of summer descend upon us, our homes can often feel out of sync with the season, still emitting a dark and cozy feel as we hunkered down during the winter months.

Fortunately, you can easily adapt your home's interior to reflect the light and open feeling of summer with just a few simple decor updates. Try a couple of the following ideas from home fragrance manufacturer, Air Wick:

Rearrange your living space. 

Sometimes, breathing fresh air into a room is simply a matter of rearranging some furniture pieces and a few accessories. Think beyond a room's borders and try moving items from one room into another. When an object stays in one place for too long, it can become boring and feel overused. Changing up its location gives it—and its new room— brand new life. 

Add plants and greenery.

 Adding greenery is an easy and obvious way to bring the natural beauty of summer into your home. Plants can also help purify the air and offer the therapeutic benefits of nature. Visit a nursery or local flower shop for inspiration and to consult with the experts about the plants that will thrive best in your home. You can also create stunning arrangements using the foliage and flowers that are growing right in your own yard.

Engage the sense of smell. 

Fragrance is a subtle yet powerful way to give your home a summer refresh. One of the latest home decor trends, "scentscaping," is growing in popularity as a way for individuals to enhance the ambiance of their homes through tailored scent. Look for innovative devices designed to deliver carefully blended scents in a measured way where you control the frequency and the intensity of the scent. 

Update colors. 

Introducing color to a room can transform its look, and the scale of change is up to you. You can repaint the entire space, just one accent wall or add a pop of color by painting a piece of accent furniture. You can also add new colors to your home via decorative elements, such as wall art, carpets and throw pillows. 

Change up light fixtures. 

Lighting can instantly change the mood and ambiance of any room in your home. Swapping out light fixtures for dimmers, for example, can create a brand new atmosphere, allowing you to adjust the light to the time of day and for your intended experience. Consider updating old lighting fixtures with new ones to enhance the presence of natural light, or changing the bulb wattage to further impact the mood.

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